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Getting to the root cause by addressing physical, nutritional and emotional imbalances.

Discover Your Mind-Body Connection at Holistic Health

Drs. Kell and Ingrid Fullerton have been offering compassionate, quality health care since 1990.

Holistic Health: A Natural Healing & Wellness Center

Drs Kell & Ingrid Fullerton provide a Holistic approach to health. We focus on finding the root causes of your health issues. Manage your Physical, Nutritional and Emotional imbalances with our Mind-Body Balance Program. Find Organic Hygiene products on our website: Check out our Podcast: "HealthTalkwithDrKell" on all podcast stations. Our Office:

Chiropractic • Nutrition • Emotional Release

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Whole food-based nutrition - just as nature intended.

Support your well-being with all of your favorite Standard Process supplements.

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